Mpesa Integration to websites in Kenya

Are you looking to increase your business sales by taking it online?.Then you need to implement payment solutions to your website to effect this.We offer Mpesa integration to websites in Kenya as well as other payment solutions.

What are the benefits of integrating Mpesa to your site

The world is moving to digital way of conducting business and therefore you wouldn’t want to be left out on this one.

Whatever kind of business you are involved in,you need a form of payment solution to make online transactions possible.

Whether you are in the service industry or you sell physical products selling online will get you ahead of most of your competitors.

A large portion of the population in Kenya and East africa at large are on MPESA and have ready cash on it to spend on your site.

With MPESA integration to a site,you increase trust of potential clients who are rather hesitant on purchasing anything online.

What other payments solutions are included

In addition to MPESA your clients will have an opportunity to purchase from you using

  • Master Card
  • Visa Card
  • Co-operative Bank
  • K-rep Bank
  • Airtel Money Among Others

All the payment gateways mentioned above will be implemented on your site.

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What is the cost of Payments Integration?

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What other enhancements are there to make your online business more appealing

  • E commerce integration

To present your products online,you would require an organised product presentation to your online clients.
We will implement an appealing E-Commerce solution to your site that will keep bringing in sales

    • E commerce integration to your Facebook page shop

    We will intergrate your e-comerce shop such that when customers click on a product on your Facebook shop,they are automatically taken to your website’s shop where they can make a purchase.

    What is the cost of E-commerce integration ?

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    How do you drive more sales to your store?

    Strategize a good digital marketing campaign to drive sales to your store or services.

    Now, if you are not in a position to execute successful digital marketing campaigns,Let us do it for you.

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Best paying academic writing accounts

You might be wondering,what are the best paying academic writing accounts in Kenya.

First,you want to make sure that your investment of time and money is well thought out.

You want commendable returns vis a vie your cash outlay.

Therefore its always the logical thing to want to know which exactly are the best paying academic writing accounts to invest in.

For starters its a good decision to first and foremost to do your research on writing accounts from various sources including friends,writers who are already in the field and know one or two things on the ins and out of the industry.

So what exactly should you be looking for in the best paying academic writing accounts.

 The amount of work available on each academic writing account 

Choose an account that has an abundance amount of work in a given writing season(High season)

The accounts work on a basis of bidding.

This is how bidding work,A client post a piece of work,then writers on board request to be given that piece of work.

The client will choose whoever they like to give the work or the website mangers do it themselves.

In order to get work,you will have to get good at bidding,especially when there is a lot of competition.

Well,I have mentioned competion.

Imagine owning an account that has thousands of writers while only a few orders are available for all of you to bid on.

So it is wise to own an academic account that has enough work for all of you such that competition among you is not that tough.

On that note,such an account will usually cost you an arm and a leg to get one.

 Availability of tasks throughout the year 

Its always good to have an account that gives you returns throughout the year

 Cost of purchasing an account 

Be prudent on the amount you are asked to hand out for a given account.

Good accounts will cost you between 150,000 to 200,000 Kes or even more

This accounts have high return rates compared to other smaller accounts.

Well if the amount above is on the higher side,there are cheaper accounts that run from 15,000 KES  all the way to 150,000 KES.

Here are the best paying academic writing accounts in Kenya

  • UvoCorp
  • Essay Shark
  • Writers Lab
  • Quality Writers
  • Edusson
  • WritersHub
For account prices and consultation,Reach us on 0790-512-080


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