Domain registration in Kenya defined

domain registration in kenya

Domain Registration in Kenya

You might be wondering how domain registration in Kenya is done.

Well its not hard as this article will show.

First there are different domain extensions available out there.

Examples includes

  • .com
  • .Net
  • .org
  • .ug
  • .tz
  • .za
  • .website
Depending on your desired audience reach  ,you would pick a domain extension that matches the audience location or country of residence.

If you are to target Kenyan,you would go for a domain with an extention  whereas if you are to target an audience in uganda, you would use  .ug  extension.

For a global audience target,registering domain names with extensions such us  .com , .website , .net ,  .org  would be appropriate.

What is a domain name?

domain registration in kenya

A domain name is a unique name that you would choose to represent your business online.You assign your domain an extention to it depending on the audience location as I have mentioned above.

An example domain would be 

Make sure that the domain name you choose is easy to memorise so that clients keep comin back to your website and by extention your business.

So how do you do domain registration in Kenya.

Domains registration in Kenya takes less than 20 minutes to register.All you have to do is search for a good domain registrar in Kenya who can provide both local and international domain extensions.

Things to concider before picking a webhosts provider

  1. Make sure that they have 24 hours support.Some times your website may go down at night but your webhosts are asleep and would not offer any help.You end up loosing business during this down time.So ask if they will support your site all year round 24 hours a day.
  2. Band width-Make sure that your hosting company in Kenya provide you with enough band width to serve your pages efficiently.Small band width will result in a slower site especially if your site is heavy on traffic.A band with of over 2000 is enough for a simple website.Remeber google also considers your sites loading speed before it ranks you.
  3. Storage-Do they offer enough storage capacity for your site.As your business grows so wiil your site size and traffic.The host providder should be clear on the amount of storage capacity you will be getting.
  4. Platform support-Platforms used to design websites include Jumla,wordpress amongst others.Ensure that the webhosting provider accomodate your platform before purchasing
  5. Cost-Probably this one should be the Number one factor to concider,Go for the host that gives you value for money.Considering the services mentioned above are present,then paying a premium price for a hosting service should not come as a suprise for you.Cheap hosting services most of the time would not guaranteee quality results and you may experience disruptions from time to time.But also make sure that you are not being riped off for a service that you would get somewhere else for cheap.
  6. Reviews-Check out what other people are talking  about online concerning your hosting provider you have identified.You will learn a lot by searching for the companies reviews than they would the company will tell you themselves.Most awful web-hosting companies have lots of red flags raised against them already making it easy to avoid them.So goes for the good ones.You will find good reviews of a reputable company.

Are there special domain extention?


There specific extensions that are not open to just anyone to use.

But that doesnt mean that you cant use them.

Examples of such extensions include

  • .gov

If you own a school,it advisable to go for domain extension if you are doing a school domain registration in Kenya.

 ac  stands for academics while  ke  obviously stands for Kenya

 .gov  would be used to register a government website.So if you are an IT personel looking to do a domain registration in kenya for your ministry or department,its most advisabvle to settle with .gov extension rather than a extension.

To register any of these two domain,you will have to verify that you are either a government employee or you actually own a school or a collage.

Is there a difference between a domain name and webhosting ?

Yes absolutely.

Actually they are three entities

    • Website

This are the pages that were developed to represent your organisation online.

    • Domain Name

This is the address that will be used to locate where the website is.Normally should be a name that represents your business so that people can remember it easily

    • Web host

This is where your website will live.You can view it as a container in which your website will exist in.Pages are served from this host.

What is the cost of domain registration in kenya?

On average,the cost of buying a domain in Kenya is a minimum of KSh 2000

Webdisigns depends on the developer and the requirements by the clients.
Normally ranges from Ksh 15,000 to KSH100,000.

Webhosting again depends on the company you go for.Hosting would range from a minimum of KSH 2000 to KSH 25000 and beyond


Are there free web host or domain names?

Yes there are.

But as we all know free things do tag demerits along with them.

You can start your site the next minute without spending a dime.

companies such as  WordPress,Weebly and wix  will offer you their platforms to run your site on and a free domain at that.

Such platforms are perfect for personal blogging but not running a professional site for  a serious business.

Some of the demerits includes

We hope we have educated you enough on domain names and webhosting.Although we have not started offering this services as yet,but we can do something else for you.

And that is web designing.

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