seo services in kenya

Seo services in Kenya

You have come to the right place for seo services in Kenya. This write up will inform you on the ins and outs of SEO. We take pride in offering superlative seo in Kenya.

You have already built an amazing site and hosted it but you are not getting visitors at all to your wonderful site let alone conversion.

But why you may ask.

“I thought that after designing a site and hosting a site they will come” Most people think this way

best seo services in kenya

This is further from the truth.

The fact remains that people searching for information on google or other search engines go only as far as website listed at number three. I and you are guilty of this. How many times have you clicked the second site on search result?

We almost always hit the site that comes up number one and if the information is convincing enough, we rarely visit any other site form that very search query.
Very few visits the second page of google and a small percentage even knows that page 2 even exist.

Now what happens if your site is not appearing on the first page neither on page two.

Your business is doomed and you probably lost money in designing a site in the first place.

Not really,

What you have not done is to optimize your site such that it rises through the ranks and hits the first page at least.
These tweaks that you perform on a site to start ranking is what is known as SEO-search engine optimization.
seo services in kenya

Search engine optimisation explained

But what does it entail exactly?

Well for a non-technical person, this terms and task may proof to be a challenge to understand let alone implement them. I guess right, that is why you are searching for SEO services in Kenya to at least learn something or get a helping hand in promoting your site.

Back to what SEO is all about.

Search engines are bots [robots] that need to be trained on what your site is all about. This way, you give it an opportunity for it to evaluate your site and decide whether content on your site is worth the reader’s eyes.

Search engines examples includes: – Google, Yahoo, Bing among others.

Search engines uses keywords to learn what your site entails for the most part of the time plus how popular your content is.

I know you are asking what keywords are and how do I make my site popular. That’s why you were searching for seo services in Kenya.

I will explain.

Keywords are the phrases that people would usually input on a search engine while looking for a piece of information on a given topic.
Like for example you might have entered “seo services in kenya” or “Seo in Kenya” or “Seo experts in kenya”.

This are the pain points that someone looking for seo services would enter on google while trying to land on a company that offers these services just like you would have entered one of the phrases above and ended up finding our company.

Now search engines will locate search terms in your content and realizes “aha, this site is about search engine optimization, I am going rank it for search engine optimization terms”.

The other part search engines focuses on is the popularity of your content.

Note: Google ranks pages but not the whole website. Therefore you have to SEO every page that you want to rank for.
So when I talk about popularity of your content,Its that piece of content on one particular page.

For a page to be popular, other websites must be linking back to that page on your site. Other sites linking to your content appear to search engines as though they were votes indicating that a particular piece of content is valuable and therefore worth ranking.

However, you don’t just push millions of links to your pages hoping to rank overnight.


You will be in the bad books with google search engine particularly.
Optimizing sites is not an easy task. Therefore you should hire good seo services providers in Kenya so that you arrive at desired results.

You appease google particularly, entertain and inform your readers and start making those qualified leads to your business.

What we will do

Here at online fast media, we dedicate our all on each particular project to give the best seo services in Kenya. Our skills and tactics have been horned from years of performing SEO and digital marketing task.

We know the in-depth prerequisites of the search engines such that we are in a position to evaluate your site analyze it and give you a report on what needs to be implemented.We will give you a detailed break down of the cost of SEO to be done on your pages.

Our seo services here in Kenya are world class. We have continued to satisfy clients by ranking their sites in record time.

Seo skills take time to learn and master, doing it yourself while having other task to attend to in your business would be an uphill task and would only disrupt your daily operations.

Finding an SEO expert in Kenya would go a long way in providing professional solutions that are long lasting and are not bound to come crashing when search engines change their ranking algorithm.

You can’t afford to have an invisible site to the public.
Your competitors are online too. You must level up with them if not overtaking them.

In modern day Kenya, a huge part of business transaction begins online.
Examples of searches includes
• Next travel destinations and hotels
• Best lawyers in Kenya
• Searching for the best dentist
• Events planner
• Best photographer
• Land for sale
• Housing
• Loans
• Cars insurance
• car hire
• private doctors in Kenya

And so on.

Now if your business is online and is not showing up amongst the top search results, then you are leaving a lot on the table.

Having educated you on the importance of SEO in Kenya. It is your turn now to take action.

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